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First Practice? Here's What to Expect

We're so excited to have you attend your first practice! Try to show up a little early, in workout clothes you're comfortable wearing. Bring a water bottle, and be prepared to work hard for two hours. If no one approaches you right away, feel free to introduce yourself so we can get you ready to skate! We'll have you sign a wavier and loan you some gear; you may want to purchase a mouth guard before you arrive, or bring a few bucks to buy one from us. Someone from our Athletics Committee will work with you on basic skills: skating, stopping, and falling. Don't worry, we'll make sure you're a proficient skater before you give or take any hits. If you decide you're in love and want to come back, we'll go over the ins and outs of joining our league, and congratulate you on becoming our newest teammate!

Advice and Explanations

Some of the best advice comes from league members during practice, but here's some things to get you started. Feel free to ask around the league for carpool groups; we currently have carpools in Green Bay, Oshkosh, and Fond du Lac.

WFTDA League Resources Includes apps, quizzes, and tools

Roller Derby Rule of the Day Facebook page that posts a derby rule every day

The Basics of Derby Concise infographic of the bare bones

10 Rules for Newbie Skaters

Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me as Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat Injury Prevention Workout

Basic Skills Videos Instructional videos by Derby Warehouse

Rollergirl: Totally True Tales from the Track Written by a founding member of the Texas Rollergirls, this book is great resource for personal experiences and the history of the sport. Available at the Appleton Public Library.


You're more than welcome to borrow our gear, but at some point you'll want equipment that fits you better. For your first set of skates, you might want to buy a Fresh Meat Kit: contains pads, skates, and the odds and ends you need.

Wicked Skatewear One of our sponsors! Based in CA.

Bruised Boutique A sponsor based in NH!

Bigfoot Bike and Skate A Milwaukee shop, close enough to try things on before you buy.

Razor City Derby Supply Based in WY, a good friend of ours.

Skating 101 Guide to getting started by, be sure to check out their gear, too!

How to Clean Bearings YouTube tutorial by Skatehut TV

Gear and Skate Maintenance YouTube playlist by Jessica Thunder

Anatomy of a Derby Girl

Fun Stuff

Instructional Videos YouTube tutorials by the San Diego Derby Dolls

You Should Be Watching More Roller Derby A blog dedicated to derby gifs

Winnie the Pow Comics by a Rose City skater and illustrator

Roller Girl A fantastic graphic novel, geared towards kids but great for newbies of all ages. Available at the Appleton Public Library

Princess Troublebum Comics by a Bear City skater and illustrator

I Don't Bruise Easy Derby zine with interviews, crafts, and drill ideas

Treble Maker 909 Blog by a Hereford Roller Girls skater

Fresh Meat Otter A tumblr dedicated to fresh meat memes

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